Unique ‘Alternative’ Gifting Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Candy and chocolates are not only clichéd, they are also not the best thing for you to indulge in health wise, so consider these alternative gifting ideas for Valentine’s Day that are not only unusual but actually good for you!

tea partyIntegrative practitioner and health journalist Dr Sharon Ufberg decided not to go the candy and chocolate way this Valentine day. Rather than high fructose corn syrup, her Valentine Day gifts were gift wrapped super foods, vitamins, minerals and probiotics!  Next year, thinks Dr Ufberg, it could be some more wellness ideas for Valentine’s Day; she is thinking in terms of yoga retreats, and meditating together as a family, pointing out the importance of letting traditions connected with holidays evolve along healthier patterns.

Some more interesting and healthful gifting suggestions for Valentine Day are offered – have a tea party this Valentine Day or make a gift out of health giving tea. Gift the health benefits that come from green tea, oolong and other exotic teas. Gift a loved one a horseback ride, or really any kind of outdoor activity that gets the blood pumping and the exhilaration way up!  It could end up being way more romantic than anticipated, and certainly better for your health than heart shaped candy!