Vets Now Examining Alternative Therapy For Pets

This article talks about a growing trend among veterinarians: that of using alternative therapies to heal pets.

This is something that reflects a growing desire among the pet owners to seek alternative remedies for their own ills that leads them to seek remedies other than conventional medicine for their beloved pets as well.

One example is that of Maggie the herding dog who received acupuncture for her irritable bowel syndrome. Apart from acupuncture every two weeks (which has ‘done wonders’ for the animal), she also has a restricted diet and herbs to treat her condition.

As many as 38% of Americans have used alternative therapies in some or other form in the year 2007 and it is hardly surprising that remedies such as homeopathy, acupuncture and natural remedies are now being tried out for pets as well.

The accent is on holistic treatment that emphasizes nutrition (raw food diet for the pet for example) supplements and preventive care. Some prefer to use alternative therapies in conjunction with Western medicine.

There is still some way to go however for alternative therapies being used on pets; this is still something that is being viewed as a little unreliable and non scientific.