What Are the Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms?

Attention deficit disorder or ADD is a kind of an Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder which generally occurs in school aged children and is a condition in which a child becomes inattentive and cannot concentrate and focus on the task at hand.

ADD is generally marked by impulsive behavior amongst children and often shows signs of hyperactivity as well. Do you know the various different attention deficit disorder symptoms? If not, then the following given information about the signs of this disorder can prove to be helpful for you:

What Are the Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder

  • If a child frequently misplaces things and loses items then he/she might be experiencing this inattentiveness condition or disorder.
  • Another sign which indicates ADD is a strong need to have control on things and stubbornness to have them in a particular way.
  • Difficulty in concentration and attentiveness is another symptom which points out this inattentive disorder.
  • Emotional sensitivity, depression, getting stressed could be other signs which may be symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • If a child gets easily distracted and often engages himself in daydreaming, then you must get him checked for ADD condition.
  • Verbal and behavioral impulsive may also point out to the fact that the child might be suffering from concentration issues.
  • Difficulty in estimating how much time a thing will take is another sign.
  • Low tolerance level and getting easily irritated are also the symptoms which may be related to this medical condition of hyperactivity and attention deficit.
  • Messiness and overall disorganization are the other signs but need to be accompanied by one or more of the other mentioned symptoms to count up to ADD.
  • Difficulty in reading or writing continuously is the other symptoms which may be responsible for low attentiveness of a child.
  • A sense of restlessness, indifference, being different and failure can also be counted as the symptoms of Attention deficit disorder.
  • A sign which can indicate that the person is suffering from low attentiveness is difficulty with falling asleep and even waking up.
  • A common sign of this disorder is difficulty with putting words to thoughts and expressing oneself in front of others.
  • Retention problems also occur in those who are facing attention deficit condition.
  • The other signs of this condition include perfectionalist tendencies, forgetfulness and low self esteem.

Thus the above given symptoms will show the signs of attention deficit disorder.