What Is Earth Energy Or Earthing?

Dr Stephen Sinatra explains what ‘earthing’ is, speaking on whether this is the most important health discovery ever. Dr Sinatra is a self described integrative cardiologist, who believes in using the best of the both worlds, conventional as well as alternative medicine.

earthingEarthing or use of earth energy, according to the doctor is something that can have profound implications on wellness. Earth energy is used in the same way for humans as for electrical energy wherein a person is required to be grounded to the earth as much as an electrical current.

As a cardiologist, nutrition specialist, certified bio-energetic psychotherapist, and an anti-aging specialist, Dr Sinatra uses his varied experiences and knowledge to offer alternative medicine solutions to his patients.

There is also a mention of the doctor and his techniques in the recent bestseller, Knockout by Suzanne Somers, where the actress explored alternative medicine options for her cancer treatment.

An integrative philosophy is the one that makes the most sense, since good health should be based on all of the facts that are available and not just selecting the facts that further one’s own agenda.