Why People Believe In Color Breathing?

You may want to use color breathing to help you live a happy and more efficient life. Colors have energy and a presence to them, in this belief. It has to do with the skill to exhale bad things from your heart.

If you would like to learn more about color breathing you can seek out an Indian spiritualistic seer, who will have a lot of knowledge to help you.

There are many types of spiritual breathing to make your life better[Breathing techniques]. Take the journey into the world of colored breathing, and reap the benefits that it does for you.

Types of Breathing

  • Golden breathing is a type of breathing that is eight fingers away from your nose. It is to bring perfection and a great deal of success to your life. The characteristic of golden breathing comes from the earth.
  • Another type of breathing is white breathing, and it is another name for “shukal breathing”. This white breathing is located twelve fingers away from your nose. It has a relationship to the moon planet. The moon planet symbolizes peace and prosperity in color breathing. White breathing fulfills desires pertaining to aspirants.
  • Nilajan is another name for blue breathing, and it is six fingers away from your nose. Blue breathing contains cold and hot waves coming from it. It will bring you wealth and prosperity.
  • Yellow breathing brings orbital disturbances that have to do with the fire element. These elements flow high and low quite often.

Color Breathing Exercises

Think about a beautiful cloud in front of you. You can choose the color of the floating cloud. Choose a color that will help whatever is going on in your life.

  • If you choose the color red then this will stimulate your reproductive system. It also will energize you and give you the confidence you need to have in life.
  • Indigo is a coolant and it is proclaimed to heal parts of your face. It also helps you with your mental health problems. Maybe you would prefer the color of green, which gives you energy balance.
  • Greenis supposed to heal your heart. It also helps you to overcome some of your fears.
  • Visualize the color orange if you want to improve your digestion .

After you have visualized your color, you need to breathe the color into your body slowly. Hold for a couple of seconds and then release.

Imagine negativity leaving your body as you exhale. You should keep breathing in and out so that your body absorbs the color fully. It will pass out of your skin and into your aura. The aura around you takes on the color that you have chosen and your body will feel the effects that the color promises you. Lastly, seal the aura with an imaginary “silver lining” all the way around it.

Medicinal Help

Color breathing has been a factor in the healing of cancer [Cancer treatment]. This healing meditation is supposed to benefit all aspects of your body. Cancer patients can visualize themselves well and full of energy by breathing in the appropriate color. This breathing technique is becoming quite common.