10 Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is among the most beneficial essential oils, having medicinal as well as cosmetic properties. It has natural antiseptic and anti fungal properties that show it to be naturally useful for a host of different ailments:

1. Boils on the skin or eruptions can be helped by tea tree oil. It can be used undiluted directly on to the boil.
2. 5% tea tree oil in shampoo is an effective panacea against dandruff.
3. Impetigo blisters can be eased by application.
4. Antiviral properties of this oil is known to reduce or even eliminate warts by direct application
5. Herpes has no known cure but herpes blisters can be helped by appropriate application of tea tree oil.
6. It can ease colds when used in steam inhalation along with eucalyptus oil.
7. Tea tree oil can help to ease certain kinds of acne. This can be done by adding oil in adequate quantity to the face wash that you use. Wash twice daily.
8. Itchiness resulting from bites can be eased by application of tea tree oil, because of its natural anti inflammatory properties.
9. Cuts, grazes and minor wounds can be seen to get help in healing process with tea tree oil.
10. Since it has natural anti bacterial qualities, it can also be useful as a cure for bad breath.

tea tree oil