5 Alternatives To Conventional Medications To Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check

Here are a few holistic methods to keep one’s blood pressure in check:

  1. Eat healthy, keep weight in check: This one is a no bariner that can be recommended for pretty much any ailment!
  2. Beat that Stress: Learn relaxation techniques such as Yoga, meditation, massage, music therapy, which could all be useful.
  3. Magnet therapy: Copper and iron bracelets have been seen to keep BP in check and there are no known side effects.
  4. Chiropractic treatment or Acupuncture: While the former can help restore body balance, the latter can help to ease the strain that is being put on the heart. They are both helpful in controlling stress as well.
  5. Vitamins and herbs: Calcium, potassium and magnesium are available in supplement form, however increasing the proportion of fresh fruit and veggies in the diet can also help a great deal.