A Warning to Beware of Alternative Medicine

Though parents would obviously want that when it comes to the treatment of their children, the side effects from medications are kept to the minimum and that treatment methods may be confined to natural cures.

alternative medicineHowever in some cases, parents are warned not to use complementary medicine on their children. A new study highlighted some cases wherein alternative medicine failed to treat conditions and even resulted in death –

  • In one case, an 8 month old baby was admitted to hospital with malnutrition and septic shock after a naturopathic treatment of rice milk diet for constipation from the age of three months did not work.
  • In another case a ten month old suffered septic shock after homeopathic treatment and dietary restriction for chronic eczema.
  • Then there was a case of multiple seizures wherein a number of different CAM therapies had been used to avoid side effects of seizure medications.
  • In the fourth case, a child was given complementary medication when there was requirement for blood clotting medication.

There can be other side effects of CAM therapies, such as vomiting, pain, constipation, seizures, and malnutrition, warns the study.