Alternative Medicine And Mainstream Medicine Can Coexist

Alternative medicine is still viewed with distrust or as an offshoot of the hippie culture by large sections of the west. It is deemed as unreliable, as quackery or even actually dangerous by some. Conversely many alternative therapists view modern medicine as being toxic and actually detrimental to health. Both extreme views, it would seem are incorrect.

The fact is that more and more practitioners are seeing the wisdom and the benefits of borrowing from the other side. For instance, many modern practitioners would advise their patients to try some home remedies or try a traditional cure rather than or in addition to a prescription medication such as antibiotics.

alternative and modern medicineSimilarly many alternative practitioners will suggest to a patient that an immediate problem may derive better symptomatic relief with allopathy whereas a cure will come from continued taking of the alternative medication.

The fact is that alternative medicine and modern medicine can coincide, even be complementary to one another; they don’t have to be at odds with one another or view each other with mutual hostility and suspicion. There is really no need to be opposed to any one branch of medicine, it is important to have an accurate understanding of each, so see what can work  best in what combination, given a particular situation.

Source: hofstrachronicle