Anthroposophical Medicine To Harmonize Elements Of Your Spiritual And Physical Self!

Anthroposophical medicine is an extension of orthodox medical practice and is mainly based on comprehensive view of the human being offered by anthroposophical spiritual science.

This is based on the concept that spiritual awareness is the basis of individual health. Anthroposophical medicine is based on seven principles, such as:

  1. Spirit manifests both in your organism and outside of it in the substances of the nature kingdoms.
  2. Wisdom that is created by nature is also at work within your body.
  3. This therapy preserves the therapeutic freedom in the public and realm.
  4. Every person has an exquisitely guided destiny that involves self-determination with the potential for illness and error in your body.
  5. Various remedies are derived from the matters of plant, animal and mineral kingdom. They are derived homeopathically, alchemically or as whole substance. Remedies can be applied externally or through injection into your body.
  6. This medicinal system considers art as it is a part of the individual life. Beyond anthroposophical medicine, specialized techniques of rhythmical massage, painting, therapeutic eurythmy, music therapy and clay modeling have been developed.
  7. Each treatment helps to improve your life force as an alliance for better health and intensified self-knowledge.

Benefits of anthroposophical medicine:

This practice can be used to treat majority of the health conditions. Particularly, this method is suggested for infections, preventive care, cancer treatment, chronic degenerative diseases and inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Also, this therapy is suggested for child care. It is helpful to treat child’s conditions like attention deficit hyperactive disorder and other developmental problems.

The therapist will ask you questions about lifestyle, diet and constitution with a stress on your body’s rhythms such as sleeping, menstrual patterns and eating as well.

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  1. Tony says:

    I do not think anthroposophical medicine, is a new idea. Indigenous tribes around the world have had these form of ideas for centuries. Only many people do not take them seriously because they consider them to be primitive.

    Anthroposophical medicine may come over as new age but the seven principals are adaptable whether you happen to be spiritual or not.

    Take music for example, it can make you feel happy, sad, energetic… a wide range of emotions.

    So if you listen to music that makes you feel happy as a result you feel better and it contributes to your whole well being.

    It sounds like a simple concept and it is a simple concept but it is one that works.