Basic Differences Between Orthodox And Alternative Medicine

orthodox and alternative medicineThere are some basic differences between conventional or orthodox medicine and alternative remedies. Some interesting points of contrast between the two are:

  • Conventional medicine is based on scientific study; alternative medicine could be based on that as well as spiritual, mystical and even intuitive insights.
  • The main difference is that of orientation, while conventional medicine is curative, alternative medicine is preventive. The former tries to reduce the symptom or lessen a disease, while alternative medicine tries to heal the entire organism and to keep it healthy in a way that it can resist and repel disease.
  • Orthodox medicine is geared to treat part of the organism; alternative treatment is holistic in nature. The former seeks to fix, the latter to support.
  • Conventional medicine is provider dominated and the range of choices available is limited. Alternative medicine is a wider field and provides many different options.
  • Alternative medicine puts great emphasis on nutrition that looks to strengthen immunity and naturally build up resistance as well as prevent lifestyle related disease. Conventional medicine does not put the same emphasis on proper nutrition and maintaining the body’s natural balance.
  • Conventional therapies often rely on chemicals to produce short term solutions, which may be necessary in case of trauma or some diseases. Alternative remedies which rely more on nature, may not be able to produce this instant impact.