Beat Debilitating Tooth Ache With Simple Home Remedies

Toothache is very common problem that take place without any warning sign.

Before it turns into major problem or before you consider going to your personal doctor, there are few tips that you can try to get better relief from pain.

Here are few of those effective tips.

  1. Use an icepack or cold compress at the site of pain. Ice has excellent numbing properties that can give you better relief from the pain. More often, ice acts as an excellent suppressing source to relieve tooth ache.
  2. Apply clove oil at the site of pain to get immediate relief. Even, cleaning your teeth with clove oil every day can help you to prevent various health problems like bad breath including frequent tooth ache.
  3. If you are experiencing toothache because of presence of abscess at gums, then oats can help you in relieving pain by drawing out the puss. Hold oats for few minutes at the site of abscess to get better relief.
  4. A shot of strong whisky held to the side of tooth pain in mouth for few minutes by swishing around can help to kill pain causing bacteria and also gives you an anesthetic effect.
  5. Although it tastes bad and can leave a burning sensation after application, Oregano oil has excellent antibiotic properties and gives better relief from toothache.