Cultural Basis Of Alternative Medicine Explored

deepak chopraAs the west becomes more and more sensitized to alternative and even spiritual healing, it is becoming possible to talk about medicine other than conventional therapy without being apologetic or diffident.

A number of strong voices now speak out in support of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) such as spiritual guru Deepak Chopra being featured on Dr Mehmet Oz TV show.

Dr Chopra spoke about some of the cultural basis of CAM rather than scientific ones. Dr Oz was of the view that the present scenario is about conventional medicine catching up with spiritual life.

The connection between mind and body is strong indeed; but it is more complex than mere ‘positive thinking’. It is about ridding the body of what Dr Chopra terms as “emotional toxins” before the positive energy can makes its presence felt.

Kathy Freston, author of several books also spoke about her detox program which involved giving sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, and animal products for 21 days and replacing it with fruit and veggies.

The third expert on the program Dr. Joseph Mercola spoke about  the importance of animal based Omega-3 fatty acids. “They are phenomenally important for cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, joint health, PMS, menopause,” he was quoted as having said.

Source: bestsyndication