Get A Career In Natural Medicine

natural medicineNatural medicine is a great career for those who wish to help improve the general health and well being of the world.

Many sectors of natural medicine are specialized to the extent where education can be shortened, allowing natural medicine specialists to begin practice sooner.

Natural medicine practitioners can bring home impressive salaries after building a reputation for providing health services that work.

Natural medicine practitioners find that rest, nutrients, and the release of stress through meditation, yoga, acupuncture and aromatherapy can relieve medical conditions and promote healing and wellness. These practitioners are also critical of the side effects of many drugs commonly prescribed at health clinics. Though natural medicines sometimes have side effects, these are typically less severe and often only occur when natural remedies are used in excess.

Herbalists specialize in the use of herbs for the curing of illnesses and general well being. Though there is no national system of licensing herbalists in America, many herbalists enroll in training programs that award certification such as the Clayton College for Natural Health.

Herbology programs typically teach students about botany, herbal medicine manufacturing, the philosophy of herbalism, and the effects of herbalism on pregnant women and children.

Herbalists must have a great knowledge of the nutritional values of herbs. These herbalists often sell herbs through natural health stores and online pharmacies. There are also many herbal supplements like ginkgo biloba that are sold at well known pharmacy chains.

Herbalists also play a role in consulting others in the use of herbal medicine. Herbalists can be hired to consult patients privately and publish their research in herbalism to magazines and online publications.

Acupuncturists are able to relieve pain and cure ailments by locating pressure points and inserting a needle into the pressure point. Acupuncturists can create their own business or work in a practice with other natural medicine specialists.

Aspiring acupuncturists must be licensed by a school in the state that they are planning on practicing. Acupuncture courses take 2 years or more to complete. There are many studies that report the health benefits of acupuncture.

Reflexologists relieve pain by massaging pressure points on the body. Individuals can find jobs at a reflexologist clinic after attending school and obtaining a certification.

Massage therapy certification is also recommended since both disciplines overlap. Some reflexologists travel to their clients’ home, while other reflexologists work together with other alternative health practitioners. Reflexology certification increases an individual’s chances of finding work at health clinics and nursing homes.

Working at these institutions can build a reflexologist’s credibility. Credible reflexologists will have an easier time marketing themselves if they ever enter into private practice.

Aromatherapists use fragrant substances to improve the health of their patients. Several natural health schools like “Hands on Healing” provide training in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapists give patients dosages of healing substances that are inhaled or applied to the skin. Aromatherapists can create and sell their aromatherapy products or set up clinics where they apply the aromatherapy treatments to their patients.

Aromatherapy is often combined with massage therapy and reflexology, since a patient can benefit more greatly from receiving each of these treatments in one session.