Grape Seed Benefits – Learn More about Them

There have been a lot of studies conducted regarding grape seed extract. According to the findings it can be beneficial for treating heart diseases. Some of the specialists claim that it can be effective in case of the fight against cancer as well.

Healing wounds

Some of the studies revealed that grape seed extract can be efficient in case of dermal wounds. In fact there is strong evidence suggesting that the healing of the wounds can be speeded up by applying products containing grape seed extract.

Improving bone strength

The specialists claim that if people have grape seed extract along with calcium, it improves bone strength and bone formation if the bone weakness is caused by a lack of calcium. Nonetheless grape seed extract alone may not be beneficial for the bones.

Skin cancer

It is a known fact that grape seed extract comes with proanthocyanidins which can prevent cancer development. The studies suggest that grape seed extract can improve the severity of certain kinds of skin cancer. Grape seed extracts can be especially beneficial in case of UV rays induced skin cancer.

Cardiovascular benefits

Another known fact regarding grape seed extract is that it contains antioxidants that protect the blood vessels against damages and by this it protects people against high blood pressure. Specialists claim that grape seed extract comes with more antioxidants than vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene.

Reducing edema

If a person has edema after surgery or an injury, taking grape seed extract could reduce the swelling. A double-blind study showed that the breast cancer patients who were taking grape seed extract had less edema than those who got the placebo.

Cognitive decline

As it has been mentioned before, grape seed extract is high in proanthocyanids which can protect against cognitive decline. One of the conducted studies identified grape seed extract as aneuroprotectant that protects people against cognitive decline that comes with age.

Other potential benefits

Not all benefits of grape seed extract have been found and proven until this point. Other potential benefits include teeth protection, protection offered against pathogens, treating ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), improving vision improvement, treating Alzheimer’s disease, treating diabetic retinopathy, revealing chronic venous insufficiency, and it might have anti-aging properties.

Side effects

Although grape seed extract has many benefits, it could have some side effects as well, such as headache, sore throat, dizziness, itchy scalp, stomach ache, and nausea among other possible adverse effects.