How Alternative Medicine Can Help Fight Against Swine Flu And Other Infections?

acupunctureWhen the Swine flu scare was on, one of the things that were periodically being reported were alternative cures for the infection.

Yet the nay sayers were disputing that alternative therapies were any use for fighting off swine flu and similar infections.

The fact is that with its emphasis on holistic healing rather than symptomatic cure, alternative medicine, can help to strengthen the immune system.

By shoring up the body’s defenses to disease and infection, the incidence of infection and disease it significantly reduced:

Acupuncture is a highly personalized therapy specific to each individual. It can help in strengthening the immune system and help the body rid itself of pathogens. This has been seen to be effective in treating symptoms of flu and cold as well.

Meditation: Simply put, meditation relieves stress and the control of stress is extremely beneficial for health and immunity.

Naturopathy is really mostly about common sense: observe proper flu prevention hygiene, eat more fresh produce and whole grain, less processed food, get enough rest and a variety of natural substances to support the immune system.

Homeopathy works by using very small dosages of medicine to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Source: southcoasttoday