Korean Hand Therapy To Restore The Bio-Energetic Flow In Your Body!

Korean hand therapy (KHT) includes hand reflexology and the acupuncture meridian energy system in one modality.

This therapy uses only hand in order to treat your entire body.

With the use of heat, pins, magnets and pressure, your body’s bio-energetic flow is corrected.

The pins used in this therapy are even smaller when compared to regular acupuncture pins and need a special tool for insertion.

It is not a painful therapy, but it is more sensitive when compared to body acupuncture.

This is a system that can be used for awakening your body to health and wellness through the hands. Korean hand therapy stimulates the specific points on your hands so that you can resolve pain and balance internal organ function.

Korean hand therapy includes reflexology level of treatment and similar concept of foot reflexology. KHT therapy is divided into:

  • Correspondence
  • Micro-meridian
  • Five Element
  • Eight Extra Ordinary Points
  • Special Points Therapy

In Korean hand therapy, the points will be stimulated by using point massage, heat by using tiny heat stimulators, electrical device, tiny tape on metal acupressure pellets and miniature acupuncture needles.

In KHT, greater healing is possible. This is because the entire acupuncture system found on the whole body is also found in miniature on the hands meaning that the healing power of acupuncture principles can be added to the basic Korean hand therapy and hand reflexology.

Korean hand therapy is used for:

  • Treating the corresponding points at the basic level
  • Toning or sedating micro-meridians
  • Diagnosing and treating by using five element system
  • Birth constitution (This is more advanced level of treatment)

The therapy is effective in treating various diseases like:

But, Korean hand therapy can not treat the conditions that need surgery and also infectious diseases can not be cured by using this hand therapy.

This healing therapy alleviates pain, promotes recovery and lessens the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients, relieves nausea so that you can continue receiving the treatment. Korean hand therapy contributes to the protection of your health and also self-diagnosis.

Diagnosis of KHT is divided into corresponding points, three constitutions, Yin and Yang pulse diagnosis, electric beam, biorhythm, and five finger diagnosis. KHT is an extremely effective method of treatment and is easy to practice for yourself.