Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Now Have More Freedom

marijuana dispensariesUntil recently Marijuana Dispensaries faced raid by the federal government, then the incoming administration of President Obama declared that if Marijuana is used for medicinal purposes each one of the individual states of America could decide for itself.

Owners, like Michael Lee in Colorado Springs, sell marijuana to citizens who have paperwork from their doctor. There are now thirteen states that have the legislation to permit sufferers of certain disease such as crohn’s, cancer and diabetes who can not get relief otherwise.

There are a wide range of products for the different patients, who would include lawyers, doctors, and teachers. Besides the more obvious balms and tinctures, there are a variety of other ways that Marijuana can be consumed, from fruit drinks and chewy sweets to chewing gum and cheesecake.

Lee is proud to announce that smoking is just not the way anymore and he is always thinking up new delights for his customers. He has a multitude of glass jar, carefully labeled with wonderful names such as chocolate chunk, orange crush and white widow.

However recent changes being put forward by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment are threatening emporiums like Michael Lees.

Despite the fact that medicinal Marijuana has been approved for nearly a decade in this state, it might soon be deemed against the law to dispense the drug to over 5 people.

Obviously such a change will put the likes of Lee and others’ businesses in great danger. Many of his customers or patients has he prefers to call them will find it harder to get supplies and may have to start growing it themselves.