Non Drug Alternatives To Recalled Child Medications

As the controversy about recalled children’s medications continues to rage, with parents expressing ire and confusion over the failure of the manufacturers to maintain safety standards, they also look for alternatives to the recalled drugs; viz.; Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl for infants and children.

Even when declared safe for use, many experts believe that cough and cold medications are actually unsuitable for children, who would be better helped by:

nasal sprayHumidifying the atmosphere: This is useful for easing coughs and colds; not just for children but adults as well. It helps the cilia (hair lining the inside of the nose and nasal passage) shift the mucus out.

Nasal irrigation, Saline Spray, Saline Drops: Each of these works to reduce obstruction and congestion by reducing the amounts of crusting and mucus in the nose.

Irrigation kits may be the sort with a neti pot or squeeze bottles along with saline solutions. Nasal sprays and drops are also safe to use and are not seen to cause any irritation.

Nasal suction: This is a particularly useful thing to do with small babies who are unable to blow their noses or clear the nasal passage by sniffing. A bulb or a syringe is used to clear the nasal passage and using a saline solution just before this is shown to offer best results.

Source: US News