Relieve Stress Without Medical Intervention

herbal pillsStress is an everyday occurrence in most people’s lives. In fact, recent studies show that people are more stressed today, than at any other point in history.

Because of this fact, the number of drugs used to treat stress has more than quadrupled in the last ten years.

You can now get pills, shots, or even lozenges that claim to relieve stress [Ways to relieve stress]. Unfortunately, most of these treatments come with some type of side effect, and a few can be addictive.

However, there are all natural treatments you can use to deal with the normal stresses of day to day life.

Whether you are a stay at home mom trying to cope with the kids, or a stock broker dealing with buy and sell options, there are many natural options to choose from. Consider the following options for combating stress naturally.

Herbal Capsules or Pills for Combating Stress

There are a number of herbal pills and capsules available today for the treatment of stress, and anxiety. Many people find that taking pills is one of the easiest ways to deal with stress.

Ginkgo Biloba has shown promising effects in combating tension and stress. It can be taken three times a day, for all day relief.

However, a combination of Valerian and Passion Flower has also shown to be promising in the reduction of stress.

You will want to take Valerian in 100mg doses and Passion Flower in 45mg doses. This combination can be taken two, or three times each day, depending on your level of stress.

Stress Relieving Teas

Many people find the act of drinking tea to be stress relieving. However, certain types of tea contain natural ingredients that eliminate stress. Hops, catnip, skullcap, and lady’s slipper are all natural herbs, which are effective for stress, when they are steeped into tea.

In addition, a stress relieving tea can be made from 4-5 orange leaves. You will want to add sugar, for taste, to this tea. Another stress relieving tea can be made from yerbabuena leaves. These leaves can be made in one half cup of water, and combined with honey.

However, yerbabuena leaves can be difficult to find. You may want to speak with your local health food store, and have them specifically ordered.

Aromatherapy Options for Stress Relief

Many people find that aromatherapy can provide an excellent form of stress relief. There are many different ways to use aromatherapy in your daily routine. Have a massage completed using aromatherapy oils, or take an oil bath to relieve your stress.

Lavender is known to be very effective in relieving stress. It can be used in the form of dried flowers or oils[Lavender oil] .

However for those who cannot tolerate the strong smell of Lavender, Lavadin may provide a weakened smell and the same benefits.

There are several ways that lavender can be used. It can be applied to clothing, bedding, or heated in an oil burner for stress relief. However, Lavender and Lavadin can both be irritating to the skin if applied directly.