Various Alternative Therapies For Infertility

With vast advancement in medical sciences, various methods evolved to treat infertility couples, providing a chance to have children in their lives.

But, on the other hand there are few complementary alternative methods which can help you to improve your chances of getting pregnant very well.


This is an ancient technique used to heal stress and other ailments including infertility through the use of sterilized needles.

Infertility treatment using acupuncture has proved to be beneficial, particularly for those who have various functional disorders in body like irregular ovulation etc. Even it can increase sperm count in men by increasing blood flow and balancing hormones.

Herbal therapy

Herbs are used from centuries to treat various health problems including infertility. Some of the herbs extracted naturally from plants like chasteberry, red clover, liferoot show immense possibilities of fertility. But, seek suggestions from professionals before using herbs.


The main principle of reflexology is that there are certain points in feet that are connected to different organs of our body. When these particular points are stimulated, they in turn stimulate the points linked with problematic points in your body.

Apart from relaxation, reflexology helps in the treatment of infertility and alleviates hormonal imbalances and poly cystic ovarian syndrome in women.

Other than these you can also go for diet changes, regular exercises and stress management techniques to improve chances of fertility.