What Is Mind-Body Medicine?

The concept of Mind-Body Medicine is that which uses a number of different techniques to enhance the capacity of the mind to impact the functions of the body and symptoms.

Primarily, prayer, meditation and using creative outlets are the therapies employed in this treatment; but a lot more besides.

Stress is one of the chief problems that mind-body medicine seeks to address, but you can do a lot more to help your body by integrating thought and feelings with your body.

We now understand more and more about how emotions and emotional wellbeing impact our physical well being and even determine our long term health and indeed how long we will live.

Happiness, said Socrates, is the highest good for any human being. And the concept of happiness needs clarification here: this is not the transient kind brought on by instant gratification of appetites and desires; rather it is a natural outcome and the sum total of a life well lived!

Here is one way that can help you start to feel happier about your own life: for a week, do this before going to bed: write down three good things that happened today.

Also add why they happened. This simple exercise has been proven to increase one’s instances of being in a positive mood and decrease the instances of being in a negative mood!