6 Odd Ways To Kill A Cold

coldWinter comes with snow, wind and a green, gluey leakage. To prevent this leakage, the immune system must be strong and the will to kill it soon must be present.

There are proper ways for protection: consuming healthy foods and beverages is probably the most efficient way followed by having certain amount of vitamins and minerals each day.

However, there are some extraordinary ways to help people kill the cold, too.

The first way is not to blow the nose. It is said that the more blow causes more mucus to run into the sinuses.[sinus infection]

Recent researches show that this situation happens every time after blowing the nose. The best method to prevent is to stay unstuffed and blow only one nostril each time gently.

To prevent from blowing, a spoon of sea-salt can be added and mixed into a glass of water. Then sniffing some of this mix will let the mucus flow gently through the nostrils without any help of blowing.

One other odd solution is to use a sauna. A research showed that using sauna can relieve cold symptoms. “Baking the cold” method will show its results by also reducing recurrence. This method can be easily used with hot water at home.

In a deep and wide pot, pour the hot water. Then close the face up to the pot with a towel on it and breathe the steam deeply. The water can be more aromatic and relaxed with a few lavender or mint. This process opens the sinuses and helps to “bake” the cold.

As a common thought, exercising can cause the cold to be killed. The more exercise means a more strong immune system which results with a low percentage of catching a cold.

Also studies show that flu has the capacity to spread faster and more effectively in dry air. Staying in places where humidity is higher or avoiding the dry-aired places, viruses cannot easily approach to the body.

Along with eating well and exercising regularly, sleeping is an important factor for helping the body to destroy a cold.

Researchers found out that sleeping less than 6 or 7 hours may tend to catch a cold three times more than sleeping 8 hours and more. So the right way is to hibernate and sleep it off.

The last odd way to kill cold is to put on more jackets and blankets to prevent cold air.

People who wear more are less likely to be cold, thus searching inside the wardrobe and putting out the warmest clothes becomes necessary. Sweating off a cold is sure to kill it. The example of the Indian shamans is ancient but quite effective.

In conclusion, these odd but beneficial ways help people fight the cold. In order to shine like a star throughout the winter, these ways are worth to try.