Alternative Treatments for Pets Becoming Popular

A recent article from an online publication speaks of the wisdom and the rising popularity of holistic medicine for pets. Many pet owners feel that as valued members of the family, pets should have the benefit of natural healing the same as the human members of the family.

Alternative Treatments for Pets

Holistic healing for pets

Pet owners are seeking the personalized, holistic and customized healing that tailors treatment to patient, for their pets as much as for themselves. Holistic healing can include nutritional therapies, supplements, homeopathy, and so on.

Vets today are incorporating complementary and alternative treatments for dogs, cats, horses, parrots, goats and other animals to get effective resolutions for health problems.

Which alternative therapies work for pets and how

There are several instances where CAM therapies have worked really well for pets.

A little puppy with an incorrectly docked tail found relief in acupuncture. It helped manage pain and help lower other problematic symptoms. Acupuncture points have been identified for pets in the same way as humans and treatment is also administered similarly.

Dogs and other pets seem to suffer no pain, but seem to get drowsy and could even take a nap while undergoing acupuncture. Pets seem to recover from illnesses and pain and also seem to enjoy an overall improvement in health with the help of acupuncture.

Even acupressure could help animals relieve pain, improve digestion, and muscle strains.

At the Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood, pet acupuncture is offered for the treatment of injuries to nerves, for arthritis, dysplasia, chronic diseases and other degenerative diseases. Some experts also believe that acupuncture could help pets improve their mood by increasing the levels of the hormone endorphin. It can also help pets with post operative pain management.

Other unorthodox treatments for pets include chiropractic treatment which uses musculoskeletal manipulation. This is used particularly for restoring range of movement to joints and other surrounding tissue.

Herbal remedies that are derived from plants also form a part of pet healing. Foxglove is thought to improve heart conditions, chrysanthemum extracts act as a natural flea medication.

A range of homeopathic preparations are also now available specifically for animals. They can help with skin conditions, rashes, emotional issues, insect bites, diarrhea, ear infections and many other ailments. A healing response can be triggered with the help of homeopathy – this can help heal cuts and wounds and can also help recover from infections faster.