Bee Sting Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease that slowly destroys the ability of the body’s nerve cells to communicate and progressively incapacitates an individual. Now it would seem that MS has a new and unconventional therapy called Bee Venom Therapy that has been seen to be of value for patients of MS.

As far back as 1998, one Sami Chugg was diagnosed with MS and slowly but surely her ability to move started to get impaired. Before long, she was completely bed ridden, beset by numbness and a far decreased ability to walk. However, she is now able to walk once again, thanks to a certain bee sting therapy.

bee sting therapyAs she underwent an amazing 1,500 bee stings it was found that her mobility started to be restored.

It appeared to be the body’s defense mechanism that stimulated it to fight back against the disease as well as the bee venom.

The venom also was seen to ease the pain of the disease.

Anyone who has undergone the excruciating pain of a bee sting will balk at the idea of deliberately being subjected to another, leave along hundreds of bee stings. But as a patient of MS will tell you, “when you have a condition like MS, that involves the numbing of the body, any kind of sensation is welcome – even if it’s from a bee sting.“

Source: The Telegraph