Best Alternative Treatments For Children

chamomile teaEven though there are many alternative treatments that are controversial, some treatments are accepted by doctors as viable home remedies.

For children, different amounts of nutrients are needed and children often get sicknesses that are not contracted by adults, so special care needs to be taken when selecting alternative healing methods for children.

Why doctors won’t use alternative treatments

The reasons why doctors do not recommend alternative treatments are that:

  1. Many doctors are not trained or informed in alternative medicine techniques
  2. There are many alternative health techniques that are not helpful or are actually harmful when treating these diseases

Since doctors are afraid of liability, they usually don’t go any further than recommending a nutritious diet to patients. But there are several other doctors who are now specializing in both alternative and conventional treatments.

These doctors indicate a revolution in the attitude towards medical treatments. Also, several hospitals are starting to offer alternative health treatments.

Whatever works, right? As long as a treatment is effective, safe and cheap, why not recommend it. Lots of conventional treatments are not safe at all.


Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are found in our bodies. These bacteria help our digestive system digest food, promoting regularity.

Antibodies often destroy much of the natural intestinal flora in our bodies. By eating foods that contain probiotics, these bacteria might be able to start rebuilding bacteria colonies.

Chamomile tea

This tea is a very effective remedy for colic. Since infants do not lie, we can assume that this tea really does help if given in small amounts.

St. John’s wort for depression

St. John’s wort is gaining reputation as an anti-depressant. If St. John’s wort doesn’t work, try getting more fish into your child’s diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids are great for the brain and research has found that it does a great job alleviating depression.

Fish oil

Fish oil has been found to have a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Because of this, fish oil is sold in supplements found in pharmacies everywhere. All that’s needed is 750 milligrams a day. Fish oil supplement is also great for asthma.

Any tea for cough and sore throat

Though many teas are packed with nutrients that are helpful when fighting any kind of sickness, the steam and heat of tea alone helps sooth coughs and sore throats. If you want even more cough relief, add honey and lemon to your tea.