Cancer Risk Has Menopausal Women Turn To Alternative Treatments

Every October is Breast Cancer month when various awareness, rehabilitation and research initiatives are launched for this; one of the most common forms of cancer worldwide.

alternative treatmentsHowever, some of the research related to breast cancer published in the Journal of the American Medical Association about breast cancer has been a warning for women considering hormone therapy to combat with symptoms of menopause.

Recently more and more research is coming to light, connecting hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to increased cancer risk as well as an increased risk of having a more invasive kind of cancer and greater chance of dying from it.

Owing to this, women struggling to cope with menopause and symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, sleeping troubles are now becoming chary of using HRT. Rather they are choosing complementary and alternative treatments for menopause.

Alternative therapies are now being used by women to combat the ill effects of the body producing lower levels of female hormones at the time of menopause since many natural oils and plants have the same properties and ability to treat common symptoms of menopause without any of the harmful side effects associated with artificial hormones.

Women are therefore turning to traditional remedies such as Chinese herbal medicine, aromatherapy and other herbal options for treating and easing their menopause symptoms.