Dealing With Skin Tags The Natural Way

wartOne of the almost unavoidable signs of aging is the development of skin tags, small warts or acrochorda as they are known, and are those unseemly little growths of extra skin on the skin surface much like a benign tumor.

They are also more common in people with certain conditions such as diabetes, those that are obese, or among pregnant women.

They are found anywhere that there are skin creases or folds such as the neck, the armpit, parts of the face, the groin, or pretty much anywhere.  Most skin tags are harmless or painless, causing no discomfort. However they are unseemly and can mar the look of the skin.

Also the certain fabrics, or materials used in jewelry or even shaving can irritate skin tags, making their removal necessary.

The most common ways that are employed to remove skin tags are, cryotherapy (basically freezing it off), surgical removal performed by a doctor under local anesthetic, or by electro surgery which kills cell growth. You can try the following things at home to naturally get rid of skin tags.

Strangle the skin tag. It may sound a bit macabre, but by tying a string around the tag tightly, you are kind of strangling it. You are also cutting off circulation to that area so that the skin tag literally dies and falls off.

Castor oil and baking soda: One home remedy that many find to be effective is making a paste by mixing these two ingredients which is to be applied to the area topically several times a day for about two weeks.

Many find that they have successfully got rid of their skin tags by using this method, which does not even leave a scar.

Try duct tape: This method is also seen to help: applying duct tape irritates the area, which causes the body to react in a way that the skin tag or wart disappears.

So while one may feel that a doctor will do the job best for you, it is worth trying out these home based natural remedies first, which may end up saving you a couple of hundred bucks.

Keep in mind though, if a skin tag is painful, discolored or otherwise seems unusual, then it is best to have a doctor take a look at it. This could be serious and is not something to be ignored or sorted out on one’s own. It is best to get medical help in such cases.

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