Does Water Therapy Really Work for Weight Loss?

Water therapy for weight loss works! Besides being a basic need for life, water also helps to maintain good health. It helps to cleanse your body and improves your body’s metabolism.

It is believed that water is the only natural resource that can speed up the weight loss process.

water therapy for weight lossIf you are considering water therapy for weight loss, you are sure to wonder just how it helps lose weight, how much you need to drink every day, amongst other considerations.

Here is an explanation of how water therapy for weight loss works.

How water therapy for weight loss works?

If you drink 17-18 glasses of water every day, it can improve the metabolic rate of your body by 40%.

This implies that you are burning calories at almost double the pace before implementing water therapy.

The main reason water helps you lose excess body weight is because it is directly linked to the body’s metabolism rate and the burning of body calories.

Water therapy not only fastens your weight loss process, but also improves the renal performance, reduces chances of kidney problems and helps to maintain a youthful and healthy skin.


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  1. Brahmanand says:

    Nice article. Thank you for it. Obviously I’m with my family going to start this therapy because we are overweight. Let us watch how this therapy help in reducing the weight?

  2. ethel says:

    water therapy is good hey thanks a lot
    so tel me if you have been affected before does that mean water therapy can help doing away with the infection
    pliz reply

  3. Vince says:

    Very good article,drinking enough fresh water is vital for our health…combined with a sensible diet of nutrient dense foods,especially the all important fresh fruit and vegetables…and some exercise,you will have abundant energy and your body will respond to the respect you treat it.

  4. Herbalife says:

    Of course drinking water it’s the way to go in order to lose weight. It is also useful to combine it with diary exercise. Nice article, thak you for it.

  5. lila says:

    I am 32 yrs, my weight is 58, height 4 feet 9 inch, want 2 reduce my wt. please need ur advise..

  6. Quinanna says:

    very useful information…thanks for sharing that.

  7. Nancy says:

    I am 43 yrs old and my weight is 62kgs height is 5”4”.I suffer from hypothroidism sice 14 yrs and take medication regularly. Will the water therapy b advisable with eltroxin and how it is to b done .Please advise .

  8. James Jones says:

    Its difficult to come across healthy weight loss blogs for genuine people like me trying to lose a few pounds! Thanks for another great post, i’ll stay tuned!

  9. This is nice post. Thank you very much for the great entry you shared! I was finding for this entry for quite some time, but I wasnt able to find a dependable website.

  10. I commend the informative information you provide in your entries. I will bookmark your website and have my friends check up in your site frequently. I am very sure they will discover a lot of fresh stuff in your blog than anywhere else!

  11. Bridget says:

    Hi, i am 26yrs old and i am 1.75m tall and my weight was 98kg but when i started using water therapy 3weeks ago i lost 4kg, now im weighing 94kg but im not stopping there, i want to get to at least 88kg. So yeah, i recommend everyone to use water therapy, its the best, my skin is changing also and i feel good.

  12. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Hi I am 23 years old and 4 feet 7 inches and my weight is 62 kg but normal weight for this height range should be around 45 to 50..Could this water therapy help me to achieve that range….kindly reply me…

  13. Naveen says:

    Hi, I’m 25 yrs old. My height is 5 feet 11 inches and my weight is 98kg. My ideal weight would be 80kg, I have started water therapy 3 days ago, I would like to know whether I can achieve my ideal weight by water therapy.

  14. steve says:

    I have to agree water therapy is in my view the basis of all therapies the cleansing nature of water has been with us all the way through evolution .
    Remember the effect of bottled water in the uk boom time for evian etc but in truth the recognition of good balanced health.

  15. lakshmi says:

    iam 28 years old my weight is 82kg and height 5feet and 2inches my weight is going on increasing my periods is irregular now a days i am getting only light bleeding is there any possiblity to solve my problem through water therapy

  16. Peggy Green says:

    Whilst I would agree that water is indeed good for you, taking 17-18 glasses of water per day is just not keeping things in balance…..unless of course the glass contains just two fluid ounces!
    Moderation in all things is needed otherwise your body will suffer overload and tell you this from the adverse symptoms you will experience.
    Peggy. ( Professional Health Advisor)