Electrotherapy Or The Healing Power Of Electricity

electro therapyThe electrotherapy is the result of using electric current for tissue stimulation having as purpose the healing of certain health issues or the recovery of some lost functions of the body.

It was demonstrated by the authorities in the field that the bones, the joints, the tendons as well as certain body cells are positively influenced by electricity.

Recent studies have shown that damaged body tissue can be healed by the electric stimulation.

The electrotherapy was used from the beginning of the 19th century in the treatment process of a large number of illnesses most of them associated with pain localized in a certain part of the body.

The theory according to which the electricity has an important role in the treatment of different diseases came to be in the beginning of the 18th century when Johann Gottlob Kruger suggested that electricity may produce changes inside the human body accelerating the healing process. During that time the electricity was used to increase the blood circulation.

The most used procedures in electrotherapy are the under skin stimulation, Trabert currents, interfering currents, ultrasounds, micro waves, galvanic baths and ionization.

The procedures are known to treat a large number of health problems among which head aches, post surgery pain, contusions, muscle overstretching, back pain, spine problems, cellulites, constipation and menstrual pain; and according to the specialists the list is still open.