Flexibility And Relief From Pain With Alexander Technique!

Alexander TechniqueDo you suffer from repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndromes, back aches, stiff neck or shoulders?

Feeling uncomfortable while sitting on your computer while working for a long time?

If your answer is yes for any of the above statements and want to overcome these problems, then you should know about “Alexander Technique”.

Alexander Technique is a way of learning how to perform your usual activities such as sitting, standing, walking, lifting and speaking without hurting yourself”. It is exactly defined as the re-educating therapy to improve posture.

It’s a complete package or description offered in “changing the way you work”. Alexander Technique is an intelligent way to solve bodily problems. If you’re under stress, your muscles will be tightened, distorted and compressed.

The release of unnecessarily muscular tensions in the body is very important for a well being. Alexander Technique suggests ways to cut down destructive tensions and to observe the way you manage yourselves in carrying out your daily activities without strain.

It is not therapy or therapeutic treatment. The Alexander therapy teacher does not teach stretching the muscles or doing any exercises to get relief from pain. You are asked to feel how muscular efforts are required to balance your skeletons and muscles without straining them.

Listening to this therapy is unusual, even you feel the same. Initially you cannot get along with this therapy as you should follow the regular movements with more ease and grace.

But as the time passes, you should get along and come to know about the perfectness of the postures to cope up in three to five sessions.

The session is for 30-45 minutes per day and varies from 15-30 classes as per your efficiency. If you would like to have these sessions, wear loose and comfortable clothing which supports the adjustments done by the teacher in your posture.

The mainstays of this technique are:

  • Head-neck-torso unit: Correct the way you use your bodily parts or correct postures.
  • Mental instructions or directions: Simple instructions to guide your body.
  • Inhibition: Activate the subconscious mind to correct the body if it is in a wrong posture.

The client is given instructions of how to avoid the old habits and postures and teach new moments.

The Alexander Technique is a practical and powerful means to overcome the tyranny of habits. This corrects and re-establishes you to have a balance, freedom and poise.

The teacher teaches you to change the directions which are causing discomfort in your daily routine, teach you how to stop “doing wrong thing” in your postures.

It challenges your postures and habits and let you think that, what you do to your self is right or not? If it is wrong and harming you, they teach how to stop doing wrong things and suggests a new direction or posture which does not harm you.

What are conditions treated with Alexander Technique?

  • Performance enhancements for singers, dancers, musicians and sport persons
  • Relieves from stress and stress related conditions
  • Unnecessary anxiety and depressions
  • Relieve from repetitive strain joints
  • Relearns the basic movements such as sitting, standing and declines the stress levels in these postures
  • Relief from the unexplainable discomfort in the joints

The technique also gives a boost up in the growth of self awareness and self management. It perfectly justifies “minimum effort and maximum efficiency” as you need not to do effortful sessions.