Four Natural Treatments For Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are a frustrating and disabling type of headache that can result in significant loss of time from work and school.

Although there are prescription medications that can effectively prevent and treat migraine symptoms, these meds often have side effects that many people find intolerable.

For this reason, there’s a strong interest in finding natural treatments for migraine control.

By using a natural remedy for migraine, it may be possible to reduce levels of prescription medications resulting in fewer side effects.

Of course, you should always talk to your own doctor before starting any natural treatment for migraine headaches.

It’s also important that the diagnosis of migraine be established and that more serious pathology is ruled out before treating your headaches. What are some natural remedies for migraine that have been shown to be effective?

Natural treatment for migraine: Feverfew

This is a herb that’s been subjected to double-blind studies which have demonstrated its safety and effectiveness against migraine.

Although it does appear to be effective for treating migraine headaches, it has the potential to interact with other medications and can prolong bleeding times. This could be a problem if you’re on anticoagulants or aspirin. This herb may be worth a try if used under a doctor’s supervision.

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