How Crystal Therapy Works For You And How It Is Beneficial For Your Body?

crystal therapy

Crystal therapy is basically about healing with crystals or crystal healing. Different types of crystals and minerals are positioned on or around a fully clothed person in order to release stress, establish deep relaxation, release pain, and support good energy balance within the subtle and physical bodies.

Usually, the treatment lasts up to an hour and the crystals are used singly or in combination.

The crystals are positioned at the sites where you experience pain on meridians or acupuncture points or also on fine energy vortexes described as chakras.

How crystal therapy works for you?

Crystals bring light and color into the aura and into the physical body via the chakra system and also the subtle layers of your body with the rule of vibration and resonance.

Also, crystals can be used in precise grid samples in different forms of sacred geometry. These geometric grids produce pillars of light opening of the body to multi dimensional awareness and understanding.

Crystals are the main tools of resonance and vibration that produce sensory healing. Crystals are able to hold and produce energy vibrations. For example, whenever a crystal is positioned in a watch, battery transfers a regular charge through the crystal. The charge is absorbed by the crystal and then released at a precise rate to keep the watch at a perfect time.

Crystals affect your electromagnetic energy fields or fine bodies which enclose and infuse the physical body also including emotional, mental and etheric bodies, which are together called as aura.

Crystals have the power of absorption, direction, focusing, and diffusion of energy fields to facilitate the illness and to find its normal energetic rhythm once again.

How is crystal therapy beneficial for your body?

  • Crystal therapy is used to improve healing of various types of mental and physical ailments. For instance, atacamite crystal is used for venereal diseases, lapis lazuli is used for stroke symptoms, amethyst is used for acne treatment and agate is used for ulcers.
  • Crystals greatly help to fight against some environmental hazards like food additives, electromagnetic radiation, and polluted water and air.
  • Crystal can decrease the detrimental effects of tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine.
  • Most of the practitioners use crystals before and after the surgery to reduce the trauma.

One thing you need to keep in mind is crystals are only considered as an enhancement to other therapies. But, you should not consider only crystal therapy if you have any serious illnesses.

You can wear a stone for effective healing in the form of a pendant, bracelet or necklace. It takes some time to heal your body because there is only one small portion of your body in contact with the crystal. In order to protect yourself from adverse psychic energies, you need to wear the crystals like iolite, labradorite, or turquoise over your chest.

The thing you need to do is, contact an efficient crystal healer in order to get maximum benefits.