How Native American Medicine Differs From Other Medicinal Systems?

Native American MedicineThe information gathered and passed from grandmother to medicine man or women over thousands of years by the North American people is now collectively called as Native American medicine.

Native American medicine combines spirituality, herbs and magic. Native American medicine is classified as an indigenous healing tradition. It plays an important global health care role.

Similarity between Native American medicine and other types of alternative medicine:

  • Native American medicine is very similar to approaches used by the traditional Chinese medicine. Both are designed for the treatment of mind, body, and spirit and use natural elements to cure illnesses.
  • Both these traditions of practicing medicine are similar to ayurvedic medicine.
  • All the above mentioned treatments are based on the same beliefs. Your lifestyle and natural settings be taken into consideration before recommending a specific type of treatment. They also consider the goal when achieving perfect health and emotional spirit.

Difference between Native American medicine and other types of alternative medicine:

The only difference between Native American medicine and other forms of medicine are the cures and herbs that are specific to the region and the types of native plants that are used.

The plants used are believed to have their own spirits and therefore their individual intelligence. So the plants are generally checked to what extent they will help you.

he metals like piece of copper or others were buried near the plant or under the tree from which the bark, root or leaves had been produced in North American medicine.

These medicinal plants are produced and they are applied in conjunction with chants, prayers, and dances to increase their power and to ask the spirits to help with the healing process.

A purification procedure is used before and after the healing session with Native American medicine.

Smudging is a procedure used to burn an herb and let the smoke wash over you and the room in which the treatment will be performed. Healers spread between each session to purify and cleanse them and to release the energy they might have gathered from you.

Difference between Native American medicine and conventional medicine:

  • A major difference between Native American and conventional medicine concerns the role of spirit and connection. Spirituality is a key component of healing through most mankind’s history, but modern medicine avoids it.
  • Native American medicine considers spirit. Not only is the patient’s spirit important but also the spirit of the healer, your family, community and environment and the medicine.
  • Modern medicine focuses on fixing unique body parts in distinct individuals separate from each other and the environment. The medical practice is based on scientific theory.

In spite of having more practitioners, finding an authentic practitioner of Native American medicine is very difficult. To receive the treatment you should do research to find effective practitioner.