Is Your Child Suffering With ADHD? A Few ADHD Alternative Treatment Options Help You A Lot!

ADHDAlternative medicines are most commonly used in the management of chronic illness.

Many of the alternative treatments methods work same as conventional treatments for illnesses like asthma, diabetes, cancer, arthritis [Arthritis Treatment], and heart disease.

Some times most of the severe conditions are considered as untreatable, and the treatment is aimed at slowing the progress of the disease and alleviating symptoms.

ADHD is termed as attention deficit disorder. It is a behavior problem. The symptoms of ADHD differ from child-to-child.

The most common symptoms of ADHD in your children include problems in paying attention, impulsive and act without thinking, easily distracted, and problems in finishing the work.

Parents who are trying to treat ADHD in their children and adults trying to control it in themselves often look for ADHD alternative treatment methods as the first choice.

Some of the ADHD alternative treatment therapies include special diets, meditation training, biofeedback, marital arts, and nutritional supplements.

ADHD alternative treatment therapies:

Special diet:

Diet therapy is one of the important ADHD alternative treatment methods. Changes in the diet may help your child to deal with allergy symptoms or migraine headaches.


This ADHD alternative treatment method helps your child to control their own responsibilities. This therapy involves a large commitment from your whole family.

This ADHD alternative treatment option helps children learn coping skills and that give them a sense of control and mastery. This therapy helps to reduce stress and anger that can accompany with ADHD.

Herbal medicine:

Herbs act as ADHD alternative treatment method. You can find a number of “all natural” herbal treatments sold in the United States for the control of ADHD in children. Herbs can help to calm your child and they play important role in memory and thinking.

Make sure that herbs you are using are pure, safe, and nontoxic. Herbs can cause side effects and can interact with other medications.

Some of the herbs as ADHD alternative treatment method:

Valerian: used to deal with sleep problems and anxiety

Ginko biloba: helps for brain functions

Nutritional therapy:

Nutritional therapies are most commonly used as ADHD alternative treatments. This therapy involves restrictions on sugar and additives. The diet is free from gluten, avoid suspected allergens from the diet, and avoid artificial sweeteners.

The most prominent of these diets is the Feingold diet. This diet is free from all artificial colors, preservatives of flavors and it consists of only all natural foods.


Homeopathy uses combinations of plant, animal, or mineral extracts. Children who received homeopathy showed significant improvement over children who received a placebo.

Physical discipline:

Physical disciplines that stress the mind body connection may be specifically used as ADHD alternative treatment. Physical discipline involves teaching controlled movements, focus, attention and control of impulses.


Vitamin supplementation has been suggested as a ADHD alternative treatment. Children who have ADHD may suffer from deficiencies of magnesium, zinc, essential fatty acids, vitamin B6, and melatonin. Before adding supplements to your child’s diet it is better to consult a doctor.