LEDs For Younger Better Looking Skin?

This is a breakthrough treatment that will supposedly have us looking beyond Botox; according to recent developments made by specialists. It is the new LED Light Masque system that will help us achieve ageless skin apparently.

The claim made by London-based inventor John Tsagaris, a health-and-beauty practitioner, who also has a degree in traditional Chinese medicine and human bioscience.

leds for wrinkled faceHe has developed this system using the latest NASA like technology, to help people in their quest to remove age spots and wrinkles by virtue of near-infrared light.

Supposedly it is the blue LEDs that can help with Rosacea and age spots; red LEDs “supercharging” skin cells are supposedly able to go even deeper and show signs of repair.

This can apparently reduce dry patches, sun damage, and increase moisture retention of the skin as well as blood circulation. Not just that, the claim is that the Light Masque system can help to produce Vitamin D within the body and is also good for the mind since it stimulates the production of serotonin. Apparently that can make you feel energetic and happy as well!

This is a non invasive procedure that delivers low-level pulses of light up to three times brighter than the sun.

Source: Gizmodo