Magnet Therapy As An Alternative Treatment With Less Mechanical Stress!

Magnet TherapyMagnet therapy is used as one of the types of alternate medicine.

Magnet therapy uses magnetic fields for healing your body disorders.

Magnet therapy uses static magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are produced from the permanent magnets.

If you take magnet in your hands it looks simply as the piece but it creates many wonders in the magnet therapy.

Magnet therapy will provide relief from pain and has therapeutic value against variety of diseases.

Magnet therapy uses magnet fields and increases your blood circulation, reduce inflammation and speed recovery from injuries. This therapy follows a very simplest treatment.

You can use static magnets for having relief from different types of pains. For performing magnet therapy, different types of magnetic products are available in the market.

The products used in the magnet therapy are shoe insoles, heel inserts, mattress pads, belts and bracelets. These products are made out of static magnets which will be able to come out of various strengths.

Magnet therapy also uses magnetized water for treatment. Magnetized water helps you as the efficient solvent for kidney stones and gall bladder stones.

Magnet techniques used in the magnet therapy:

Magnet therapy uses the small magnetic particles. There are many development and application magnet techniques. By using magnet techniques, you can isolate and purify the target proteins and peptides.

From research it had proved that, this technique focuses on the accurate picture of the proteins. These proteins are the target of many drugs and this technique is used for determining the exact placement of drugs. This technique is used for enhancing natural biological function.

Magnet therapy applications are found in biological fields such as diagnostics, drug targeting, molecular biology, cell isolation and purification, radio immunoassay and hyperthermia by using magnetisable solid products.

These magnetisable solid products cause an agent for cancer therapy and nucleic acid purification.

Magnetic separation techniques are very quick and easy methods for capturing sensitive and reliable proteins, genetic material and other bio molecules. This will apply less mechanical stress than the other mechanical methods.

Magnet seizure therapy is one of the magnet therapy used in treatment:

This therapy is used as safer treatment because of magnetic field. By this treatment, you are subjected to fewer side effects and you can recover faster.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been used to overcome above drawbacks as the skull acts as the transparent to the magnetic fields. This paves a way towards the regions of brain and tickles them. Magnetic particles are now used as carriers for binding proteins, enzymes and drugs.

Magnetically guided drug targeting has attempted to improve the efficacy and reduce unpleasant side effects which are associated with chemotherapy [Chemotherapy Side Effects].

Hyperthermia is used for cancer treatment that uses AC magnetic fields to heat the targeted areas which contains magnetic fluids. Magnetic separation of poly (A) mRNA is used for isolation of total RNA cells from variety of cells and tissues.

You can use this magnetic technique without any risk as it involves mild side effects and less mechanical stress.