Make Yourself Healthy By Saying You Are

self confidenceWe all live in fast paced lives where things around us move faster than humanely possible to deal with. Sometimes circumstances change our vision of life, and events make us lose belief.

Self confidence and self motivation are inexistent, and people get so caught up with aiming for perfect futures, that are forgetting they live in the present.

When people lose confidence in themselves, they begin to face all sorts of problems, and sadly all of them end up by damaging their health.

Today, the stress is taken to a new level. People, when sick, doubt their capacity to heal constantly focusing on the pain rather than on the getting well process. The simple “when am I going to walk again?” coming from the boy next door who broke his leg sounds more like “oh I’ll never be able to walk as I used to”.

It’s sad, but parents are the ones responsible for the negative attitude of their children, and this is how the doubt about the fact that we are the most important part from our healing process is passed from generation to generation.

Relaxation therapy is a way of developing belief in yourself when you have none at all. This is a great way to begin trusting your body and mind, as well as learning to be a whole ready to heal every problem that may attempt to disturb its integrity. Self belief is the strongest healer in the world.

The cancer therapy is usually associated with psychological motivational sessions and it is a fact that people going through these sessions show better results in responding to chemo.

The first step of self motivation would be to accept there is some sort of problem, be it physical, mental or even medical. The everyday stress can be mind blowing, and this can cause severe physical problems. To be able to control all these you need to first accept circumstances and situations. After which you must begin to see what you can do to make it better.

The best thing you can do is begin to believe in yourself. Tell yourself “I can get better, so I must get better.” Keep repeating positive healing chants to yourself. You are only building up confidence by doing this. Self criticism and negative thinking hasn’t got anyone anywhere. Those who were motivated were able to break ground and make their body heal.

The more you scare yourself saying “I’m afraid to” or “I don’t think I can”, the more you are not likely to be able to. The power of words can really help you heal. If you have a long term illness, accept it and keep telling yourself “I am going to heal”. Until you believe that you are capable of healing your body, your mind will not allow you to.

This seems such a cliché, but until you begin to understand that you are the best you can be, you will never be able to make your body heal. They don’t say “only you can help yourself for nothing. So wake up, and tell yourself you can.