Physical Therapy For Improving Your Functional Ability!

Physical TherapyPhysical therapy will provide the provision of services for restoring maximum movement and for improving functional ability throughout your lifespan.

Physical therapy will help when your child suffers from movement problems and will help when these movement problems will cause illness, disease or disability.

Physical therapy done by therapist:

In the treatment of physical therapy, first therapist will evaluate the source of the problem and will figure out the most effective way for improving mobility and will provide relief for any type of pain.

He advices you to do home exercises and will recommend the safe time for sports. Therapist will identify the potential posture and alignment problems. After identifying the problem, he creates the treatment plan.

Physical therapy treatment plan includes the following steps:

  • He recommends training for improving strength.
  • He advices you to improve your muscle flexibility by doing the stretching exercise. Aquatic therapy will help in strengthening weak muscles.
  • He will provide list of balance and coordination activities for decreasing falls and injuries.
  • He will advice, which include play activities or recreational that should be chosen by your child.
  • This therapy is chosen by the people who suffer from impairment on musculoskeletal, neuromusculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and integument systems.
  • Physical therapy is also helpful in selection and application of appropriate therapeutic interventions to alleviate pain, to restore function and to prevent dysfunction.

Types of physical therapy which are helpful in improving circulation around injuries are as following:

Cold and ice therapy:

Use ice and cold packs for having relief over pain, swelling, inflammation of injuries and other conditions (like arthritis).

Heat therapy:

Heat will help you to increase blood circulation in relaxing and healing your muscles and soft tissues. You can take help of heat, when your joint is stiff from osteoarthritis.

Heat will be helpful when you are being immobilized and in relaxing the muscles before exercise. You should not use heat immediately after injury as heat increases swelling on your injury.


This therapy is treated with the help of water. Water is used in caring and healing of muscles.

Ultra sound:

This type of physical therapy uses high pitched sound waves. Ultrasound helps you to ease muscle spasms, relax and warm muscles before exercise and helps in having relief over pain and inflammation. This will help in promoting healing.

Electrical stimulation:

This type of method helps in creating an effect in the body. The low levels of electrical stimulation help in reducing the sensation of pain.

Manual therapy:

In this type of therapy, the treatment is performed with hands. Manual therapy helps in relaxation, less pain and more flexibility.

Exercise as the part of physical therapy:

Exercise will help in changing regular activities and health benefits. Exercise is helpful when you are suffering from traumatic brain injuries, chromosome disorders, muscle weakness, brachial plexus injuries and muscle or joint pains.

Exercise helps in reducing weight and cholesterol [Reduce Cholesterol]. It will improve your flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance. Physical therapy treatment does not involve any type of side effects. So, you can prefer it without any fear.