Physiotherapy Provides Natural Treatment For Many Physical Disorders!

PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy is the therapy which provides provision of services and these services will help in maintaining and restoring maximum movement and functional ability though out your life span. It will help you in providing healthy heart.

It will provide treatment, rehabitalization, promoting and preventing by identifying and maximizing movement according to your body potential.

The treatment done using physiotherapy consumes 30- 45 minutes.

You can manage the following conditions using physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy helps in spinal and extremity manipulation. It will help in prevention and promotion of impairments such as functional limitations, disability and injury.

It will help in promotion and for maintaining quality of life and fitness. There is no age difference for taking help of this therapy.

  • You can manage the neck and back pain using this therapy.
  • It will provide relief from arthritis (spinal and joint conditions).
  • This will help in biomechanical and muscular problems.
  • Take help of this therapy if you suffer from cerebral palsy and spina bifida problems.
  • If you suffer from heart and lung conditions, (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) follow physiotherapy.
  • If you suffer from neurological conditions such as stroke and multiple sclerosis, you can take help of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy helps in preventing and restoring normal body functioning and for preventing arise of disease.

It helps in positioning, balancing movements and in healing process. The techniques include lymphatic massage and different exercises.

Physiotherapy techniques will help in control of breathing, speech, sighing/yawning/irritable cough/clearing your throat and for posture correction.

Different types of treatment in physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy treatment using paraffin wax:

The paraffin wax is used in the treatment. The paraffin wax holds the temperature of 40 to 44 degrees. This temperature produces heat energy and this heat energy is used for providing relief over pains and stiffness joints.

Physiotherapy treatment using hydrotherapy:

Physiotherapy hydrotherapy treatment is done with the help of water in the warm pool with temperature 34-36 degree of temperature.

This type of therapy helps in improving the circulation of blood and lymph movements. This helps in relaxing the tension in tissues. It helps in alleviating pain and calming nervous system. This therapy is effective than treatment with drugs.

The healing qualities of water will help in healing:

Sedative quality of water: The warm water will help in soothing and relaxing your body and this will induce sleep.

Anti pyretic water: This will help in alleviating joints pain.

Anticonvulsant: This warm water will help you as one of the most effective relaxant. This alleviates both convulsions and muscle spasms.

Derivative: Water present in different depths will provide different pressures. These pressures will help in assisting blood flow.

This will help in musculoskeletal injury, fibromyalgia and this therapy will help after surgery.

Don’t follow physiotherapy in the following conditions:

If you are suffering from open wounds, cuts, burns and skin rashes, you should not take treatment using physiotherapy.

If you want the treatment without drugs and surgery then use physiotherapy. There is no risk in using this therapy.