Restore Balance With Electromagnetism

magnetic therapyMagnetic therapy is one of the energy-based therapies that is designed to help relieve pain.

Practitioners believe that some magneto static fields affect the body in positive and negative ways.

This form of therapy is able to aid in sleep, energy boosting and pain relief. This form of therapy is completely safe and has absolutely no side effects.

Magnetic therapy is also simple and very economical compared to conventional pain relief medications and sleep aids.

How it works?

The human body must maintain an electromagnetic balance in order to maintain optimum healing. As many of us know, our body naturally generates electromagnetic energy and there is also electromagnetic energy that comes from the sun.

Due to technological advances that release all sorts of electricity, especially found near power lines, the human body’s electromagnetic balance is often out of whack. But fortunately, magnets have the ability to restore our electromagnetic balance.

Health benefits of magnet therapy

Relieve pain, reduce inflammation, restore natural energy, improve poor blood circulation, prevent or reverse infection, promote better body metabolic processing of toxins and support the healing process.

Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive treatment method with a very high success rate and has much to offer in both prevention and treatment of chronic ailments. The only real danger when using magnet therapy is if a patient has a pacemaker. Then, magnet therapy is not recommended.

Clinical trials

In order to establish the reliability of magnet therapy, several clinical studies have been conducted in order to determine whether or not magnet therapy really holds a benefit. One clinical trial showed that 76% of arthritic patients experienced a reduction in arthritis symptoms.

A second trial showed that foot pain caused by diabetes was reduced 22% of the time compared to a placebo group. Fibromyalgia patients showed significant improvement when magnets were placed under their pillows.

Magnet therapy products

Magnet therapy products are diverse. There are magnetic back supports, magnetic wrist wraps, magnetic knee wraps, head bands and neck bands, knee supports, shoulder wraps, wrist bands, elbow wraps, heel huggers, magnetic slippers, magnetic necklaces, magnetic bracelets, magnetic watches, magnetic earrings, magnetic foot massagers, adhesive magnets, magnetic beauty products, magnetic glasses, water magnets, magnetic mattress pads, magnetic car seats, and solo magnets.

Since, so many of these products are dual-purpose, you will be able to find a magnet therapy gift for literally anyone.