Salt Caves Could Be An Alternative Remedy For Asthma Sufferers

It is a man made salt cave that could help asthmatics of all ages deal with their condition. It is the Speleocentre Harmony cave which has walls and floor thickly covered in a thick layer of crystalline salt.

Consequently there is a fine saline mist in the air that helps to clear the mucus from the airways of asthma sufferers present. The inside of the cave feels like a balmy day at the beach, with its humid, salty air and has proved to be an excellent natural remedy for those who have asthma.

asthma suffererAt first professional dancer, Karina Kay, 21, refused to acknowledge that she had asthma, and then her condition worsened forcing her to seek medication.

However, since she was always looking to get alternative rather than mainstream medication, she found that the salt cave therapy worked very well for her. Whereas earlier she would have to stop dancing to use her puffer, now she can dance without any trouble.

The skeptics however advice caution with alternative therapies that are not tried and tested, particularly herbal remedies.

Some herbal alternative therapies, it is thought can actually trigger an asthma attack, so they advise people to inform their doctor prior to starting any alternative therapies instead of conventional ones.

Source: Health Zone