Self Healing – Calm Healing Practices Without Hurting Oneself!

Self healingSelf healing is an alternative medicine for them who have positive approach and who want to grow a positive approach towards life.

The disease is cured with the use of natural form, non-surgical and drug-free treatment. Self healing is the power or property to heal one self.

There are many self healing treatments which are undercover. The most important and widely used self healing treatments are stated below:


Reiki can be broken into rei-universe and ki-energy as their respective meanings. This is not any massage, a religious practice or any traditional treatment. Reiki is divided into:

  • Reiki I: It is the learning process which starts with self healing process. Once receiving the enough energy or initiation, the practitioner should place his/her hand on the pain area or use the full body hand positions.
  • Reiki II: The learner completes his course of treating his own self and starts healing others.
  • Reiki master: The master will be able to treat and now he is the teacher to teach practitioner and to heal others.

It is an act of unconditional love and uses the basic of touch healing therapy. The reiki practitioner is the catalyst who treats and the recipient is the healer.

The healing therapy works on all levels on you with freedom of your choice and so if the recipient wishes to block the healing energy from the practitioner, the healing does not take place. It is very powerful mode of healing yet gentle and balancing mode of healing.

It is for all age’s people, stress relief, disease and every alignment. It rebalances the body, mind and spirit healing to the utmost.

Chakras (energy centers):

Primary teaching would be how to balance chakras (seven major chakras starting from the head and ends between your thighs).

An energy worker trained in reading chakras will tell you which chakras are working properly and which chakras are working poorly. Improper functioning of chakras will lead to unhealthy conditions of specific organs related to those chakras.

Chakras classification:

Chakra 1 root chakra: It is present at the base of spine. Stimulating this chakra will increase self esteem and security. Area of body governed is kidneys, legs, feet, rectum and spinal column. Problems related to these organs can be cured activating this chakra.

Chakra2 sacral chakra: Present at the lower abdomen to the navel. Areas under this chakra are sexual organs, stomach, liver, gall bladder, upper intestines, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands and middle spine.

Chakra3 solar plexus chakra: Present at solar plexus. Areas under this are upper abdomen, umbilicus to rib cage, small intestines, spleen and liver

Chakra4 heart chakra: Present at centre of heart. Areas under this are heart, circulatory system, blood, lungs, rib cage, breast, diaphragm, shoulders, arms, hands and esophagus.

Chakra5 throat chakra: Present at throat and neck region. Areas are throat, thyroid, mouth, teeth, gums, parathyroid, hyperchalemus and neck vertebrae.

Chakra6 brow chakra: Present at centre of fore head. Brain, neurological systems, eyes, ears, nose, pituitary glands and pineal glands come under this chakra.

Chakra7 crown chakra: Present at top of the head. Areas covered are top centre of the fore head and midline above the ears.


This is a method or a form of touch therapy using acupuncture (using finger or needles). This is easy to learn and does not need a master to make you learn of these points which are related to respective organs.

Similar to the chakras, in this method same points are activated by the stimulation of finger or needles, which are used for the compression of blood vessels and to get rid of the diseases.

The above stated methods do not show adverse effects and are also economical. All you need is lot of patience and knowledge about the treatment.