Simple Yoga exercises for Neck Pain

In the current fast paced world, we are often oblivious to the natural aura around us and what we need to do to keep ourselves stress free. Being surrounded by the technology all the time leads to us paying no attention to our health and our diet. We are connected to our tech devices not only at work but every second we are awake. This leads to fatigue and fatigue leads to stress. This not only affects a person mentally, but it has a huge impact on the physical well-being of an individual.

A very common problem major people face is neck pain. Listed below are a few exercises that help in relieving neck pain.

Simple Yoga exercises for Neck Pain

1. Neckroll:

When practising neck roll, you should be seated in a comfortable position. Your shoulders should be relaxed and your back should be straight. After making sure you are comfortable enough, look straight and start with tilting your head towards right and begin rolling it to your back. Continue rolling your head to the left and stop when your head is back at the starting position. Repeat the same in the opposite direction where you start from the left, roll it back and come up straight from your right. Repeat this process for 2-4 minutes and take deep breaths while you are doing it. This will relieve your neck pain and will also relax your mind.

2. Rolling shoulders:

When practising this exercise, you can either stand or sit in a comfortable position. Place your fingertips on both your shoulders and bring your elbows close to each other in front of you. Start by moving them upwards so that your hands are at either side of your head. Roll your hands in clockwise and then anticlockwise direction, each for 2-3 minutes while taking deep breaths. This relaxes your neck and relieves the tension in your shoulders.

3. Stretching your hands:

You should be in a standing position when you do this exercise. Intertwine your fingers and gradually stretch both your hands above your head till they are fully stretched. Take it a bit further if can and hold the position for up to 5 deep breaths. Bring your hands down slowly, take a deep breath and repeat.

4. Hand and elbow:

You can either choose to be seated or stand for this exercise, just make sure your backbone is straight and you are comfortable. Begin with raising your left arm straight above your head and grab your left elbow with your right hand. Place the stretched left arm over your right elbow and stretch. Your chest should be pushed forward and your shoulders should be pushed back. Do not forget that deep breaths are the key. Hold the position for about 15 seconds while stretching the maximum you can. Bring your hands down and relax.

5. Arm and chest:

It does not matter whether you are sitting or standing, you should keep your back straight. Stretch your right arm towards your left and cross your left arm at the elbow of the outstretched hand. Look at your right and stretch your hands that are at the opposite Side. Take the stretch to the extent you can bear and hold for 5 deep breaths. Relax and repeat.