Sound Therapy To Make Organs, Glands And Systems Work In Harmony!

sound therapyNot only sound affects your state of mind, but it is also used to improve your overall health and wellbeing. This system is used to dramatically change your health.

Sound therapy is the series of frequencies and wave forms. Everyone’s body has specific frequencies for each of the organs, glands, systems and subtle body. Each one resonates at a particular frequency.

Each part of the body must resonate at that specified frequency for overall health, balance and harmony with all the remaining parts within itself.

Sound therapy works on the belief that human body is not a solid instead it is the energy that is held together by the sound.

Sometimes, the organs, glands or systems can begin to function at a low level thus causing the functioning to slow down or stop. Also, these organs, glands and systems start to hyper functioning and lead to burnout so that the function will slow down or stop.

Sound therapy is similar to an individual who retunes the instrument. Once your body parts are retuned and return to the initial balance and harmony, then your internal orchestra starts once again to create a beautiful music. Give right instructions to your body so that it can correct itself and starts to vibrate at the frequencies that can make good health.

Working of sound therapy:

When you expose to loud sounds such as loud music, or the sturdy, profuse noise of big cities, your hearing gradually becomes desensitized to hear noise frequencies in high pitches. Gradually, this can result in decreased energy levels and irritability to other sounds.

For these reasons, sound therapy uses sounds to exercise you and for re-sensitizing your ear’s capability once again to listen to those high frequencies. You will get great benefits from sound therapy like: less irritability, increased energy, and opening up the ears again to feel the outside world.

Is sound therapy a strange and effective one?

Sound therapy has been effectively used in the hospitals, corporate offices, schools and psychological treatment programs. Some of the great benefits that a sound therapy gives are:

  • Improved hearing
  • Helps in attaining better sleep
  • Helps in improving learning abilities, creativity and mental concentration
  • Helps in hyperactivity, dyslexia, and various other behavioral problems in your children
  • Helps in reducing the stress, anxiety and in alleviating stress related diseases like high blood pressure

Listening to some relaxed music can make a great impact on your health and wellbeing.