Specialists Concerned About How New Health Bill May Impact Alternative Therapy

Many proponents of alternative therapy, who believe in holistic healing as against temporary symptomatic respite, are concerned about the focus of health care in the United States.

The main focus appears to be not on about prevention and good health as it should rightly be, but on drugs, injections, vaccines and surgeries which is good not for the general public but for the pharma industry. There is a sort of sick-care bankruptcy that alternative medication could help save people as well as reduce costs of health care across the board.

doctor patientAnd now the new healthcare reform, it is thought, could further interfere with the doctor-patient relationship that is a vital cog in the healthcare system. Dr. Julian Whitaker in Newport Beach, California of the Whitaker Wellness Center, has expressed this concern.

In treating his patients of ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, the doctor espouses the cause of nutrition as being vital to prevention of sickness and disease.

Stress is laid on points such as deficiency of Vitamin D which is known to be responsible for ailments ranging from cancer to osteoporosis to kidney disorder, and depression to psychosis.

Doctors today are being accused of being nutritionally illiterate and this charge has some substance. It bears repeating, though we have touched on this point before; that nutrition needs to be a subject that is taught far more extensively in medical schools that it is currently.