Spinal Manipulation- An Alternative Approach to Cure Lower Back Pain

Back pain is common problem which is faced by almost everyone at some time or the other. The lower back portion is mostly affected due to the incorrect sitting postures used by people when working on computers, watching TV like couch potatoes and others. Spinal manipulation techniques are the latest inventions in the medical science that come to rescue.

Spinal Manipulation


Spinal manipulation has been proved to be a safe treatment for low-back pain, provided it’s performed by a licensed and trained practitioner. Many patients complain about the most common side effect i.e discomfort in the treated area; however this too evades within 1-2 days of practice.

An Alternative Approach to Cure Spinal Cord Pain

Spinal manipulation is also known as “spinal manipulative therapy” and done by health care professionals known as osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, naturopathic physicians, and some medical doctors. They perform this therapy on the spinal cord by using their hands or a particular medical device in order to control the force on the affected joint of the spine. In spinal manipulation, the amount of force applied depends on the technique of manipulation used to treat.

The common goal of all the techniques used in this kind of treatment is however to relieve pain and enhance the function and mobility of your body.

What are Spinal Manipulations?

It is the passive movement applied to the spinal cord joints. The procedure of lumbar spine manipulations are done in a side posture using the upper thigh as a lever, the lower leg is flexed over the knee and the hip. This reduces the lumbar lordosis and makes the relatively straightens the spinal cord.

Some Techniques

Also, the chiropractors twist the upper part of the body to bring about the manipulations along with the mobility. This rotates the lumbar spine and brings about rotation of the upper torso and pelvis in other direction, and then the degree of force for spinal manipulation is varied to various degrees.

Thus, by applying a higher tension or pressure on the lower back area, the manipulation can be localized to higher levels of the lumbar spine. This can be done up to the active range of motion (ROM) up till the elastic barrier of resistance found on the spinal cord.

The manipulator who has good experience knows how to overcome the resistance barrier by carefully applying short amplitude pressure with high velocity. There should be segmental localization of force to get the desired results.

Spinal manipulation is found to be successful in shortening the incidents of pain in case of acute lower back pain.

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