The Eye Of The Beholder

It is very rare to find someone who does not want to change at least one thing about their appearance. Your nose is too big, your breasts are too small, you have flabby thighs, and the list goes on.

cosmetic surgeryThere was a time when cosmetic surgery was something to be ashamed of, but in this day and age, it’s as natural as buying a new outfit. Of course, the accepted reaction is that you should work on your self esteem rather than on your outward appearance. Well, doesn’t our outward appearance directly affect our self esteem?

Our parents would tell us that people should love us for who we are, not what we look like, but let’s be realistic. Who among us does not have a glow from within when we know we are looking our best?

Our self confidence and self esteem grow in proportion to how good we think we look. Cosmetic surgery has been an accepted, if not an approved alternative for years. A tummy tuck, a face lift, permanent make-up, the options are practically unlimited. With technology constantly advancing, you can essentially make a whole new you.

Many people wear make-up daily to make themselves prettier or better looking, to cover things they don’t want anyone to see, or to make a statement. The actual definition of cosmetic surgery is surgery that modifies or improves the appearance of a physical feature, irregularity, or defect. The two accomplish almost the same purpose, but of course, cosmetic surgery is usually permanent.

There are famous people, alive and dead, who have taken this practice to new and sometimes frightening, levels. By and large, most of us understand that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

When new advancements allow you to go so far as to change the pigmentation of your skin, well, the allure is, in some cases, stronger than common sense. Most of your common procedures will not only improve your appearance, but are far less drastic and much safer than they used to be. How many of us lay out in the sun, or frequent tanning beds to change our outward appearance, making ourselves more attractive or appealing by today’s standards?

We go to the gym, we jog, we watch what we eat, wear clothes designed to enhance ourselves. Cosmetic surgery takes it further, creating a physical beauty that make-up and trips to the gym sometimes cannot achieve.

In many cases, you want to change something that few, other than yourself, will ever know about. How many people with dental implants actually go around telling people that they have dental implants? It is one of the many procedures that we do mainly for our own peace of mind. Yes it improves our outward appearance, but it is mainly to make us feel better about ourselves.

Will you walk around with a sign on your chest to let people know that you had lipo, breast implants or hair implants? Of course not! Usually, when we hear about or see results of cosmetic surgeries, they are the extreme cases, the ones that have been overdone or that have gone terribly wrong. This kind of negative publicity serves only to frighten the general public.

Think about it, do you ever hear or read about the success stories? You can increase your chances of success by using a reputable cosmetic surgeon who is a member of an organisation like British Association of Plastic Surgeons.