The Surprising Story of Heather Garden – Multiple Sclerosis Healing

All people should know that multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that makes the cells of the body attack other healthy cells. There are different kinds of treatments supported by the insurer, but about 80% of the patients also try some form of alternative medicine.

The Surprising Story of Heather Garden - Multiple Sclerosis Healing

Heather Garden

Heather was working at a plant handling chemicals. It took the doctors two years to diagnose her MS. By that time she wasn’t able to do anything without assistance.

She received conventional treatment like steroids and drugs, but they didn’t help her. Even though she lost her disability support payments, she thought that the only way out for her was alternative medicine.

What did She do?

The first step for her was to adopt a healthy diet. She gave up sugar, processed foods, dairy, wheat, and only had small amounts of salt. She had carrot juice and all kinds of natural supplements to improve her immune system. Her diet was rich in nutrients to restore the defense mechanism of her body.


Another thing that she tried was exercising. Besides regular exercises she also had massages, meditation, and reflexology. All the lifestyle changes that she had were focused on positivity. According to her there is no way of succeeding unless people really want to. It is important to believe that people can achieve their goals and to block out everyone who doesn’t believe in healing.

The Results

As we can imagine, it takes a lot of determination to fight a disease like MS. It took a year for the first signs to show. She started with small victories. The truth is that she expected more, but her friends were continuously supporting her, telling her not to give up.

Long Time Frame

In about five years she started to feel strong again. It was essential for Garden to be able to move her legs again. At this point there was no connection between her legs and her brain, so he had to make the same movements again and again to re-educate her brain.

The Sea

In order to gain back her balance, she went to a beach in Mexico and every day she would make trips to the beach. The main purpose was for her to go in the water by herself and to come out on her own, like every normal person. When she finally managed, it was the most important breakthrough of her life since she got sick.