Trigger Point Therapy To Alleviate Pain From The Tender Muscle Tissues!

Trigger point therapyTrigger point therapy is also termed as “myofascial trigger point therapy”.

This is a body work method that consists of applying the pressure to the tender muscle tissues to get relief from pain and dysfunction in other parts of your body.

Sometimes, massage technique and trigger point therapy are performed jointly. You will get a doubt that what are the trigger points.

These are basically the areas of tenderness in the muscles. There are two types of trigger points in your body, one is active and the other is latent.

Active trigger points develop muscular pain and when the pressure is applied, they transmit the pain and tenderness to other areas of the body. Besides the pain, active trigger points can cause: muscle weakness, limited range of motions, numbness and tingling.

Latent trigger points exhibit pain only when they are compressed and they do not pass pain to other areas of your body. These points are considered as one of the main causes of stiff joints and limited range of motion of old age.

Trigger points may also link to fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndromes. These points are very common and are also called as muscle knots.

Various causes are associated with trigger points like accidents, birth trauma, overexertion and poor posture.

The procedure of trigger point therapy:

During the procedure, your practitioner inserts a small needle into the trigger point. You will be injected with local anesthetic that includes corticosteroids. After injecting, trigger point becomes inactive and the pain lessens. A short course of treatment gives a sustained relief. During one visit, several parts will be injected.

When you work on the trigger point, your body will undergo soft tissue release thus allowing for increased blood flow, break-up of scar tissues, and a reduction in muscle spasm.

During the process of trigger point therapy, your body will undergo a neurological release, thus reducing the pain signals to the brain and resetting your neuromuscular system to repair its functioning.

Trigger point therapy can be used:

  • To treat various muscle groups, particularly in the arms, lower back, legs, and neck.
  • To treat fibromyalgia and headaches.
  • To alleviate myofascial pain syndrome if you don’t get relief from other treatments.
  • To get relief from chronic sports injuries.
  • To reduce stress and fatigue.
  • To alleviate from neck and jaw pain.
  • To reduce work related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • To remove toxic metabolic wastes.

Several factors affect the release of trigger point. It depends on:

  • How long you are suffering with the trigger point?
  • How many trigger points you have?
  • How effective your current treatment is?
  • How consistently you receive treatment?

So, undergoing trigger point therapy will give you great relief from pain and improper functioning of other body parts.